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A New Beginning



Resolutions are wonderful.  They give you a starting point, a goal, a hope, something to place on the first line of the blank page.

Yesterday the drier died.  The washer was already on its last rocky spin cycle so we headed to Lowes.  Two hours later we were exhausted but prepared to enter the New Year with new appliances, promised...maybe, to arrive on Tuesday.  So I moved everything from the laundry room into the kitchen, where we were already preparing to add Rev-A-Shelves to our incredibly disorganized kitchen cabinets to clear space for the new cookware I received for my birthday.  Just typing that sentence made me a little breathless and completely exhausted and it's only 9 a.m.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my helper is in bed with a terrible cold that he probably picked up at Lowes, and there is a worrisome tickling in my own throat and my head is trying to explode even though we were too old to party and welcomed the New Year with a shot of Nyquil and quick pecks on the cheek.

So, before I lose all interest in organizing and clearing a path for tomorrow's delivery, a quick blog ( resolution #1 ), a photograph to cement my commitment to DietBet ( #2 ) and a trip to the shed to find the 33 gallon trash bags, because to truly organize you have to be prepared to "Keep It", "Donate It" or "Toss It" and most of what is filling my kitchen floor belongs to the "Toss It" category !

I'm sure I'm not alone in having high hopes for the year to come.  What gives me comfort is knowing that we are all in this together.  At 63, it's more about accepting the wrinkles, accepting the shifting anatomy, accepting that everything takes longer than it did at 23, accepting Blue Emu's claims for aches, accepting the reality that aging isn't always graceful and after all that accepting...believing, wholeheartedly in the possibility that I can always change what I simply cannot accept !

I love new beginnings and blank pages ~