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Merry Christmas


  Instead of traditional Christmas Cards, this year we sent baby chicks and honeybees, to far away friends we will never meet, in honor of you, our friends and family, near and dear.

 Thank you for another year of always being there, listening, sharing, laughing, praying, crying and loving.  

  We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a New Year blessed with peace and love.


 "A single chicken lays an egg every 24-26 hours, providing over 200 eggs or chicks per year. In addition to providing food source for a single family, these eggs and poultry can also be taken to market and sold, raising funds for medicine, clothing and more."

 "In the process of searching for nectar, bees pollinate plants. The placement of a single colony can potentially double local fruit and vegetable yields.  Many farmers that keep bees are able to harvest honey during the non-growing season to earn extra income, producing 60 pounds or more of honey each year."

With lots of love,

Jules and Jan