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August 7, 2008


Today is August 1, 2008.

Eleven years ago my daughter Shannon and I were about to embark on an adventure.  I believe that we chose this life, together, before we came.  I have imagined sitting around a table, sipping iced tea and mapping out the lives that would offer us the greatest opportunity for growth.

"I'll be the Mom."  "But one of us has to come home early and you know that is going to really hurt."  "I know but you were the one that had to stay last time so this time I'll be the one."  "But it really hurts... I mean it really hurts."  "It's hard to imagine hurt."  "Trust me...it really hurts."  "I know, and I love you and this time, I want to be the one.  It'll be okay.  I promise."  "I'll stay close, I'll watch over you ... you will never be alone."  "Of course you realize that neither one of us will remember this conversation once we're there."         "Our hearts will remember."

On August 7, 1997 we started gratitude journals together. 

Thank you for this book,

Thak you for the cat that was Riddle,

Thank you for the goofy, smiley Emmy,

Thank you for Denise,

Thank you for Fall and Spring.

This year I plan to start a new gratitude journal... here, with you.  We will  inspire each other to express what so often is forgotten.  Shannon will lead the way and our hearts will open to the possibilities of living better, happier, healthier lives.

Riddle was her cat, who went to Heaven before her.  Emmy was her dog and Denise her best friend.

Several months before Shannon's accident, she told me that she had seen Riddle sitting in her bedroom window.  She was startled and unnerved and pleased.  She never once suggested that it was a dream, she simply acknowledged that her cat... her angel cat, had been there to visit.

I'm ready for a visit.  I, too, will be startled and unnerved and incredibly pleased!