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My daughter Shannon returned to Heaven in May of 1998, she was 23.
I feel as if I lived one wonderful life when she was here with me and have been searching for the "new normal" ever since.

This year, I retired after 34 years with the same company. I wasn't really prepared, it happened so fast. The relaxation and calm that I anticipated is still foreign but I am learning once again to simply breathe.

I am still learning and discovering this new way of connecting to friends I may never meet without the magic of synchronicity and the internet.

I have returned to college, updated our web site, started the massive task of decluttering and even though I have become increasingly reclusive... there is great comfort in connecting from my office, in my bathrobe with my morning coffee and two cats comfortably purring on my desk.

Thank you for spending time with me, sharing what matters and what doesn't, what we are grateful for, for works in this new life and the hopes and dreams the future holds.

The journey, our journey continues and I know without doubt that there are Angels beside us.


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