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 Innocent, open, gentle...when the world is frightening and change inevitable, we hold on to hope to keep us afloat.  When those moments come, and they always do, when hope diminishes and courage falters and we are afraid that our own tears will drown our next is there.

 Always.  Unfailing. Invisible, perhaps, but steadfast, boundless and inexhaustible.

We hold that space for one another when life leaves us desolate and fragile. 

We are here for you.  We hold on for you.  Love, eternal and without measure never leaves us... never says "Good bye".

Living with Bees

Life offers so much and lately I have been grasping at straws, looking for ways to stay optimistic as friends face challenges and difficulties that result in broken hearts and struggles to stay afloat.  

The chairs by the hive give me a moment of calm.  Nature has ways of enlightening us from the inside out if we can be still long enough to let the magic happen.  Healing is a process.  It doesn't restore us to who we were, but allows us to evolve into who we hope to be.

My prayers have changed for those I love...inspired by experience and gifted wisdom.  Bless those who are facing unimaginable challenges.  Give them strength and hope and comfort.  If healing is not to be, allow each moment to be filled with love and grace and appreciation for all that is.

As strange as it may seem, quietly sitting with bees, watching their attention to detail and necessity, inhaling the sweet fragrance of warm honey and new comb, listening to the gentle hum of life constantly replenishing, reminds me of the Greater hand that holds us all, reminds me that  nothing is without meaning, and I am grateful.

Bee morning