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December 2013

New Beginnings and Birthdays

With the best of intentions, I put a turkey breast in the oven at nine.  That gave me two hours to do the birthday blog that I wrote in my head all day yesterday.

I have written two and each time I have hit some secret button on the laptop that I haven't adequately familiarized myself with and the page has diminished to a teeny tiny size that I couldn't read and couldn't figure out how to enlarge.  In desperation I closed the blog site and started over.

I'm thinking that perhaps I was getting too wordy... as usual and my "Path Director" said, "Oops, not again. Let's play !"  Now my time is up and the buzzer is going off and here we are.

What I will say before the screen shrinks is that the first day of my sixtieth year was perfect.  Perfectly ordinary.  Perfectly peaceful.  Perfectly blessed with birthday wishes from the wonderful extraordinary people that make my ordinary days so very special.

The amazingly profound bits of wisdom I thought I might share on my birthday will wait for another day...maybe even another computer. 

I am stepping into this new year with a guide.  "Art and Soul" by Pam Grout.  "At the end of this fifty two week vision quest, you will have become a different person.  Who you are now will have evolved into someone bigger, someone with a mission, a purpose, a story.  So, for the last time, take a look at the person you are."

Seemed like a worthwhile adventure, so be forewarned....I plan to share the transformation !

The first exercise is to tape your "before" photo to the first page.  I tried to share that too but I guess my "Path Director" decided that wasn't such a good idea either.  The rest of the first week of exploration includes creating an amulet "declaring it and wearing it" ~ going to a thrift store and buying the most outrageous outfit you can ~ learn three little know facts about Martin Luther King, Jr. and making sugar cookies shaped like body parts.  I'll let you know how that goes !

Birthdays give us a day all our own to reflect.  We celebrate our first independent breath with gratitude for every breath that has followed and every breath yet to come. 

Moving forward I hope to visit the past but not dwell there... envision the future but not agonize... and appreciate this moment, this breath, this cup of coffee, these cats watching over my shoulder, the reruns of Oprah that bring new friends, reminding me that Shannon is still inspiring lighter hearts and an invitation to accept what is , surrender to what will be and believe that I am never journeying alone.

Thank you fellow travellers !