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November 2012

Worth a thousand words


That little Dad, holding his baby girl says it all. 

We all want our children to inherit a world with more joy than sorrow, more peace than war, more love than hate, more hope than despair. 

 We want them to grow up with certainty and with promise. Without fear.

It was good today, to pray together, to pledge allegiance to our flag, together ... to listen respectfully to one another. 

We held in our minds and hearts, the memories of decades of growth and change.  And we felt safe, standing there together.  Regardless of who our President will be for the next four years, we will stand together. 

Lives just beginning, those coming to a close... What a blessing that through it all... through natural disasters, political upheaval, economic crisis, foreign and domestic terror.... we always have each other, and together we can do anything.