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March 1

What makes you happy? A smile on the face of someone you love? Beautiful music? A sunset?  The first flowers of spring?  Answered prayers?  Well worn 'Stuffies'?  A good book?   Cheese pizza?

Shannon left me a wonderful legacy of gratitude.  She noticed the little things and took the time to make note of those things each day.

"Thank you for oranges.  Thank you for night air.  Thank you for gossipy women.  Thank you for seafood salad.  Thank you for unburnt cookies.  Thank you for birds that take cat naps in the crepe myrtle."

Some days it's hard to get beyond the aggravations.  The demands of our jobs.  The endless housework.  Unnecessary rudeness.  Apathy.  Politics.  Cruelty.  It's easy to be overwhelmed and blind to the soft spoken sweetness of each and every day.

I'm starting a new project.  I've been playing with how to proceed for sometime and the more I ponder the more excited I become.  Winter's melancholy has gone on long enough and I'm ready to take a photo walk  through Shannon's gratitude journal.  There is something about the soft morning light through the bedroom window that touches me, allows me to see simple things in a special way.  So I started there...

Windowbeans2Thank you for books that speak to the heart

Thank you for Winnie the Pooh

Thank you for Jelly Beans

Thank you for hand hewn dinosaurs

Thank you for crystal light

Thank you for memories

Thank you for soft green burlap


As I play with the idea of a series of still life moments, full of wonderful "things" that make our hearts sing, I realize how many times someone, especially on Facebook, will mention one of their gratitude moments and I resonate with them.  I smile because they smile. 

Before I embark on this new adventure....April 5, Shannon's 37th birthday, I invite you to share with me what makes you smile.  I know that it's different for each of us but there are so many things that touch us all and I would like to include those in my "Stilled Life" moments.

We'll see where this leads, together.