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November 2011

Tiptoeing into the future

Sitting at lunch. The lunch I finally opted to pack instead of purchase marvelling at the wonder of my phone. I didn't want a phone that would tether me. I didn't want a phone that did more than ring and dial. I was foolish.

Now I have a phone that rings like a cricket's song, greets me each day with a photo of family, leads me in guided meditation, brings me my mail , morphs into a flashlight , a mirror, a camera, a taperecorder and a crackling fire. It would correct my spelling if I let it but I have to take some responsibility!
As I said.... I was foolish, and I admit it. Truth is, there is comfort in knowing that as long as my phone is on I can't be lost, you aren't too far away and moments are never wasted! Lunchtime is over : )