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August 2010

August 30

"Thank you for "good things".  Thank you for Oreos.  Thank you for "Sweet Rewards".  Thank you for the color blue.  Thank you for the # 9."    SAB    8-30-1997
As you may have noticed, I have once again been overwhelmed by the day to day demands of life.  Writing seems to have slipped to the bottom of the "to do" pile, but my thoughts never drift too far from all that I have to be grateful for.

Today is Maw Maw's Heaven Day.  I miss her.  I find it hard to believe that she has been with Shannon for two years. 


We move through life.  We celebrate.  We laugh.  We anticipate.  We participate.  We appreciate.  But in the quiet moments, the moments that are ours alone... we miss and long for and wish for another day...  another hour, another minute, that missed opportunity... a rewind, reset, redo, revisit. 
Printing programs for the wedding on Saturday... thinking, remembering, happy, sad and tired.
Tomorrow, perhaps, I will rediscover my momentum and return to the routine that includes writing about and illustrating the things that really matter.   For now, I'm grateful to be home.
"Thank you for Maw Maw.  Thank you for Mom.  Thank you for Shannon.  Thank you for songs that carry you to familiar places.  Thank you for Jules."    JJB   8-30-2010

August 29

"Thank you for Jen.  Thank you for the smell of freshly mown grass.  Thank you for new C.D.s.  Thank you for a complete set of books.  Thank you for shadows thrown by the sun."     SAB 8-29-1997

August 27

"Thank you for weddings.  Thank you for application ordeals.  Thank you for letting me graduate from Mary Washington College.  Thank you for jobs.  Thank you for individuality."    SAB    8-27-1997

August 26

"Thank you for opportunity.  Thank you for time - "Healer of all wounds".  Thank you for afternoon drives through the country.  Thank you for leaves changing color.  Thank you for Stephen King." SAB 8-26-1997

August 24

"Thank you for the feeling of full after being hungry.  Thank you for the ability to change our body shapes.  Thank you for afternoon naps.  Thank you for time to just be.  Thank you for G.I. Jane and her ability to make the lazy look on in awe."    SAB   8-24-1997

August 22

"Thank you for ends to long shitty days at work for D and Mom's sake.  Thank you for Blockbuster.  Thank you for apple pie.  Thank you for skies and geese.  Thank you for my creativity and organizational skills."    SAB    8-22-1997