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January 2009

This New Year

As this New Year begins, like so many years before...I have resolves.
This year, however, the resolves are tempered with realism.
I can't undo twenty years of weight gain in one month.
I can't organize thirty years of accumulation before classes start on the 12th.
I can't write in one day, a book that has been a lifetime in the making.
You probably get the idea.

What I can do is take a deep breath and stop twirling and spinning and collapsing ... exhausted by a chaos and performance anxiety of my own creation.
Just for today I will eat less than yesterday.
Just for today I will accept that life happens as calmly or frantically as we allow.
Just for today I will think more about the people I love and less about the few who make me crazy or sad or angry.

I found some amazing new music over the holiday.  It's funny how often I think that watching T.V. is an absolute waste of time, and yet it can be the source of such inspiration.  Shannon was a fan of T.V. and movies and music and as time has passed, I realize that she is still able to send me messages in a storyline or musical score.  I never watched Dawson's Creek when it was new.  I found it just a few years ago in reruns and although the story line revolves around the lives of teenagers, the messages are timeless and ageless. 

I recently watched an episode where someone young returned to Heaven.  The songs playing softly in the background touched my heart and I immediately went searching.  I discovered Beth Nielsen Chapman.  I have added some of her music to Shannon's web site and although all of the lyrics don't apply to my relationship with my Angel, they will apply to others.  I hope you will have a listen and allow your heart to be touched.

On the first page of Shannon's Web Site, the song is "Touch My Heart", and I wanted to share the lyrics with you this morning... because those we love are here with us always touching our hearts in their own perfect way.

Beth Nielsen Chapman
(Beth Nielsen Chapman/Mat Rollings)

There are songs I love that catch my breath
When the first chord starts to play
Effortless and true, it's funny but I knew
You would always touch my heart that way

And it hurts so much to let you go
And there are no words to say
But the corner of your smile says all I need to know
You could always touch my heart that way

Sail on my love, life is only a blink in time
Go on and show all those stars what it means to shine

Like a fire that spins inside a spark
As the ashes cool to grey
Kicked up by the wind, dancing through the dark
You will always touch my heart that way

Sail on my sweet love, this world is a blink in time
Go on and show all those stars what it means to shine

And I know your love is here with me
I can feel you every day
Even if the beauty of your face I cannot see
Only you could touch my heart that way
You can always touch my heart that way